Birth – Kindergarten


At North Jax we know that the early years of a child’s life are very impressionable.  The Preschool Ministry Staff takes seriously this unique opportunity of laying the foundation for future faith in Christ.  We share the love of God with children beginning at birth through kindergarten.  Each week we create a safe, fun, and creative environment for your preschooler to learn about God.


Meet us at the Preschool welcome center! From there we can register your child and direct you to where your child’s class will meet.


8:30 Worship Hour

Worship Care for infants through kindergarten is available beginning at 8:15.


9:45 Small Group Hour

Hands on, age appropriate Bible teaching is going on in our babies through kindergarten rooms.  Preschoolers hear Bible stories from teachers who love them and love God.


11:00 Worship Hour

Worship Care for infants through kindergarten is available @ 10:45 or as soon as your small group has ended.  Dedicated and caring volunteers share the love of Christ through their words and their care.



Worship Care for infants through kindergarten begins at 6:00PM.  3-5 year old’s will have  choir at 6:30 and will return to their classroom for more Bible related teaching activities


Tuesday – Moms Day Out

On Tuesdays during the school year out MDO groups meet for a fun day at church for children and a fun day out for mom.  This day is for infants through 3 year olds. For more information contact Myra Campbell in the church office.


The safety and security of your child is of utmost importance to us.  We want you to know your child is in a safe environment while you are here worshipping with us. 

How does North Jax provide safety and security for my child while they are in your care?

We use a computerized check in system.  Each child is given a name tag and a sign in sticker with his name and room number on it.  The parent receives a matching security sticker.  This sticker is used to pick up your child.  No child is released without this security sticker.

How are teachers and volunteers screened?

We require all volunteers to submit to a background investigation screening.  All volunteers are approved by our leadership.

How will you reach me if my child needs me?

Your child’s security sticker has your cell phone number on it.  If we need you, we will text the number on the sticker.  Please put your phone on silence and be sure we have your updated phone number.


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