They are everywhere, and some of the most special people you will find anywhere. I’m referring to the over 300 Senior Adults here at North Jax. They are actively involved in ministry and service through our church. There are a variety of programs and ministry opportunities for Seniors here at North Jax. All are designed with the purpose of meeting the various needs for today’s Senior, as well as reaching them for Christ. We see our Seniors as active and motivated to make a difference for God in our church, community, and throughout the world.
55 – 59 Primetime 1 Men’s / Womens’s Ted Crosby Merle Joy
55 -64 Primetime 2 Men’s / Women’s James & Shirley Harrelson
55 -69 Primetime 3 Men’s / Women’s Everett & Betty Wollitz
55 & up Primetime 4 Coed / Men’s/ Women’s John & Jane Fatu
55 & up Primetime 5 Fresh HorizonsCoed Richard Moyers
55 & up Primetime 6 Coed W.C. & TerriHoskins Dave Stirckland
At the main entrance to the Sanctuary there are church “greeters” that will help and escort you to the class that best fits your need. They will be glad to answer any questions and assist you in any way possible.